Are you looking for a release date for Spice & Wolf Season 3, or are you wondering if this anime will even get a new season?

We will fill you in on everything you need to know about Spice & Wolf Season 3 in 2021 in this article. You will also learn when you may be able to watch the long-awaited new season.

Spice and Wolf anime is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name by Isuna Hasekura. More than a decade has passed since fans last saw Lawerence and Holo in the anime series Spice and Wolf.

Spice And Wolf or Ookamkami to Koushinryou is a Japanese anime adaption of the light novel with the same title. It was written by Isuna Hasekua and lasted for four years to finish 17 volumes. The Spice and Wolf Season 3 makes fans excited for the continuation of the epic fantasy series.

Season one of the anime debuted with 13 episodes back in 2008. It consumed the plot of the first two LN volumes. Whereas, the second installment of the series returned in 2009, and covered Volumes 3 and 5 of the light novel. However, the Spice and Wolf light novel series has a whopping total of 22 volumes, as of December 2019. Therefore season 3 still has more than enough source material to adapt.

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Spice and Wolf Season 3: Release Date
When will it release?

There hasn’t been any official announcement about a season 3 since then. The dedicated fan-following lost all hope when the light novels stopped being published in 2011. In 2016, the writer Isuna Hasekura started publishing again.

As of now, neither of the companies related to the production of the anime has spoken about the possibility of a season 3. However, ever since the light novel series resumed, chances for the anime’s return have increased. Yet, even If the green signal comes right away, Spice and Wolf Season 3 or a spin-off might not return anytime earlier than 2022.

In their travels across the land, Kraft and Holo meet dozens of characters, Below we’ve given you a brief background on the main ones:-

  • Kraft Lawrence
  • Holo
  • Tote Col
  • Chloe

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Spice and Wolf follow the adventure of Kraft Lawrence, a merchant who needs to earn money to start his shop. One night, Lawrence found a wolf-deity named Holo in the wagon. Holo is 600 years old but looks like a 15-year old girl with a wolf tail and ear. Holo asks Lawrence to take her to her home, Along the way, Holo’s wisdom helps Lawrence gain profit in trades.

The show contains a lot of trading jargon and details regarding negotiation and bargaining presented creatively without boring the audience. The show’s plot was blended so beautifully that it managed to make a fantasy world seem realistic, never too complex, nor too clumsy.

If you like watching anime shows in English, Spice, and Wolf has a good English dub done by a talented set of voice actors. If you want to watch the show in English you can find links to dubbed episodes on Funimation, Amazon prime, and Crunchyroll. You can also stream it on Netflix with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

I heard a lot of good stuff about it, so it will be interesting to see how good it will be. But if you can’t wait any longer, and you want to learn what happens next after the anime in the story, read the light novel.

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